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This tape is used for ensuring tightness on threaded joints in acid, solvent, petrol, steam, oil and gas

pipes. This product is non-toxic and therefore suitable for machines in the food industry. It is also odourless,

insoluble and it is used for sealing threaded fittings in pressure systems, valve stems, rods for cocks,

threaded plugs for vessels, steam and chemical plants. Working temperature: from -100C to +300C.



P.T.F.E. tapes certified in compliance with European standards UNI EN751/3.

- 63RR VIKY FLON UNI EN751/3Frp TUV 1/2x12mt density 0.6*P.T.F.E. for water, gas.

- 63RD VIKY FLON UNI EN751/3Frp TUV 3/4x12mt density 0.6*P.T.F.E. for water, gas.

- 63RF VIKY FLON UNI EN751/3Frp TUV 1x12mt density 0.6*P.T.F.E. for water, gas.


- 63Grp VIKY FLON UNI EN751/3 Grp DVGW/BAM 1/2x12mt density 1 *P.T.F.E. for water, steam, gas, oxygen and liquid oxygen.



- 63Gold VIKY-FLON GOLD type HD HIGH DENSITY 1/2x12mt x 0.1, yellow for gas, oil, petrol, propane, butane, fuel oil, benzene, kerosene and natural gases.

- 63M VIKY-FLON ROSE type HD HIGH DENSITY 1/2 x 12mt x 0.1, for steam.



for gas, oil, steam, water, etc., except for oxygen.

- 63N P.T.F.E. professional type 1/2 x 15mt x 0.2

- 63P P.T.F.E. professional type 3/4 x 15mt x 0.2

- 63Q P.T.F.E. professional type 1 x 15mt x 0.2


STANDARD VIKY-FLON, thickness 0.076:

- 63 VIKY-FLON 1/2 x 12mt x 0.076 VIKY FLON silk-screen printed

- 63D VIKY-FLON 3/4 x 12mt x 0.076

- 63E VIKY-FLON 1x12mt x 0.076

- 63F VIKY-FLON 1x 25mt x 0.076

- 63F VIKY-FLON 1x 20mt x 0.076



UPON REQUEST, we can supply special sizes, adhesive straps, graphited

strap and rod, extruded and plates.




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